The Arizona Department of Administration State Procurement Offices’ web site contains open solicitations and a list of contracts that may be used by State of Arizona agencies. The web site is located at


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For questions regarding registration or submitting a proposal in response to an open solicitation, please call the Help Desk at 602-542-7600. Suppliers may go to the ProcureAZ internet site and register at any time. Once registered, your firm will receive notice of various State of Arizona solicitations that you have indicated your firm can provide to the State of Arizona. Suppliers may update their offerings and other registration information at any time


In order to receive payment from the State of Arizona by a warrant or electronic payment (ACH/direct deposit) you must set up a vendor account with the State. To establish (set up) an account, complete a State of Arizona, Substitute W-9 and Vendor Authorization Form (GAO-W-9), and fax (602-267-2576) or mail the completed forms to the Purchasing and Contracting Office for the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs. The form GAO-W-9 is a substitute for the Internal Revenue Service's form W-9 that vendors are required to complete. The State of Arizona substitute W-9 form fulfills the Federal requirement to provide a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and information concerning Federal income tax (backup) withholding. The form also provides additional information and approvals required by the State of Arizona.


Note: Vendors that want to register with the State of Arizona to provide goods and services to the State should also visit the State Procurement web site for additional information and registration information. All vendors will still be required to follow the vendor account set-up process described above regardless.